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Adventures of the C-Squatch

Mother’s Day Fun!

by Erica - May 12th, 2013

This year Mother’s Day is sandwiched in between two climbing weekends at the New, so we decided to celebrate with a nice low-key weekend at home.  On Saturday we did one of my favorite springtime activities – picking strawberries!  We got a giant bucket filled with hundreds of plump, juicy red berries – and 3 yummy smoothies were the perfect reward for all of our hard work shoveling mulch around the yard later on that afternoon!



The next morning we woke up and each picked out a rose to wear to church – RED, to celebrate each of our mommies!  Canaan also brought a rose for each of his Sunday School teachers.



When we got home from church, we loaded up the bike trailer with a picnic lunch, and biked to Yoforia, which has turned into a loosely held Mother’s Day tradition around our house.  We happily enjoyed our frozen treats together and before soaking up the sun on the way back home.



“The Tomb is Empty!”

by Erica - March 31st, 2013

Canaan and his “yucky shirt.”
The meltdown began the minute the sweater vest came out.  Thoughtful Bebe had sent a spring care package a week before.  While Canaan was thrilled at the Thomas the Train jammies, literally wearing them 24/7 ever since (save the 2 times I’ve been able to sneak them into the wash), he loudly protested even the mention of the other options.  His distaste for the other, shall we say, “preppier” options came to a head with a volcanic eruption of whining that could probably be heard all the way from I-77.

After a compromise with a collared polo shirt in a nice Duke blue and some old comfy corduroys, we were off to church, albeit less than joyfully.  Our car pulled into the parking lot with an exasperated Mommy (“A shirt with a collar is NOT to much to ask on Easter.”), a reminiscing Daddy (“I always associate Easter with crying about clothes…so this brings back some childhood memories.), and a pouting 3 year old (“This shirt is yucky, Mommy.”) 

By the end of the service, however, all was well again.  “The tomb is empty!”, Canaan exclaimed excitedly when I picked him up from Sunday School.  “He is risen indeed,” was my response.  Apparently the good news of Jesus is powerful enough to make even a 3 year old forget his “troubles.”

In other Easter-related news, Canaan has proved himself to be quite the egg-hunter.  After perfecting his egg-collecting skills at preschool last Thursday, C was primed and ready to go.  In fact, it was difficult for everyone else to keep him distracted long enough for me to hide the eggs.  The first few were scattered along the ground in typical egg hunt fashion – hiding in rock nooks and crannies, holes in logs, crooks of trees, etc.  But then we found a 10 x 10 section of rock that was littered with holes and pockets - the perfect place for a crag-kiddo to have a vertical egg-finding adventure! 

The giggling started as soon as the first egg was found hiding in a pile of sticks, but C actually squealed with delight when he rounded the corner and saw a dozen eggs peeking out of all those pockets!  I must have stuffed those eggs in those pockets at least 10 times over the course of the afternoon.  Each time he filled his basket, C insisted upon hiding the eggs from us…which in reality meant just dumping them in a pile along the trail.  Clearly he doubted our egg-finding abilities, because as soon as he announced he was ready, he would take us by the hand and literally lead us straight to the eggs (“THERE’S those eggies Mommy!”). 

This week is Canaan’s spring break, so we’ll be taking the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring by heading north to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.  We are even bringing some REAL Easter eggies to hide (and share) with the whole crew.  After all, there’s no law that says Easter fun can’t continue past Sunday, right?  Happy Easter everyone!


Canaan’s Birthday Bash!

by Erica - March 22nd, 2013

Rather than just one day, we like to celebrate AT LEAST a week of birthday at our house, so here’s just a snapshot of the fun we’ve been having over the past week.  We started the festivities off with a party on Sunday, when family gathered at our house for lunch, presents, and of course – CAKE!  (And a couple of Lightning McQueen cupcakes…)  What a difference a year makes!  Last year Canaan didn’t have the attention span to open more than 1 present at a time (2 if it looked more enticing than the first one!)  But this year he managed to get through the entire round of gift-giving before jumping into his new Thomas the Train set with our cousin Lance.

Lightning McQueen is a favorite of late, so I decided to put my homemaking skills to the test.  After a few emergency phone calls to BeBe and a practice session with Gaga (hence the 2 cupcakes at Sunday’s party…), I was ready to tackle an entire dozen by Wednesday, so that Canaan could take batch to school on Thursday to celebrate with his friends and teachers.  They may not have been perfect, but   certainly got the job done – and according to my cousin Lance, “They smell like delicious!”  And from what I heard from Canaan’s classmates, they apparently tasted like delicious too!



SNOW!!! (Oh and Eye Doctors, too…)

by Erica - February 26th, 2013

This past month has been a busy one for us, which is why I’m just getting around to posting.  Canaan had his first visit to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago.  This is earlier than the usual recommendation for kiddos, but was suggested by my doctor due to my eye history with a late diagnosed lazy eye.  At first Canaan wasn’t too wild about all the funny looking machines, but the doctor made him feel at ease and was able to do almost all of the tests done for an adult (but he wasn’t going anywhere near that puffer machine!)  He even let the doctor dilate his eyes, and we had fun trying on glasses while we waited for the drops to kick in.  The great news was that Canaan passed his eye exam with flying colors, and so far doesn’t have so much of a hint of the eye problems I have!

How things work...

You can call us "8-eyes"

In other news…SNOW!!!  We’ve been waiting all winter long to show Canaan some snow, and we finally got our chance – and literally just two days after receiving a rain/snow suit combo from Ducksday to review on Cragmama’s blog.  If you want to read more about our snowy adventure, you can click here.  Otherwise, enjoy the pics!

Sneaky boys conspiring together...

C's first snowman!


There was even snow leftover the next morning!

We also managed to snap a few videos of our big snow (after all, who knows when it will happen again!).  The first one is of Canaan and Daddy breaking in the new sled that C got from his Great-Aunt Linda and Great-Uncle David for Christmas.  You can watch it below or click here.

“Sledding” with Daddy from Erica on Vimeo.

The next one is Canaan high-steppin’ in the snow.  Watch below or click here to see it on Vimeo.

High steppin’ in the snow from Erica on Vimeo.


Mighty Machines!

by Erica - February 1st, 2013

Lately Canaan has been obsessed with “mighty machines,’ as he calls them.  It started with all of the excavators, skid loaders, backhoes, and bulldozers (yes we all know the differences between each now…) that began arriving in full force along with a construction crew at the lots down the street.  We’ve been making almost daily trips up there to see “what those workers are doing.”  Every now and then they have left for the day by the time we get up there.  That means we get to check out their progress on the inside – we go through each room, taking turns hypothesizing what the house will look like when finished.  (You might say that Canaan’s ideas are a little more progressive than my own…but then again, why WOULDN”T there be a fireplace in the master bathroom?!?)

After we finish our tour, we move to the outside, where Canaan loves to walk through (and identify) the various tracks left by the mighty machines.  We usually end our trip at the giant “sand castle” in the front yard of one of the houses, where Canaan will play with his own, much smaller versions of the mighty machines. 

Canaan has turned into a voracious reader as well (voracious listener is probably more accurate at this point).  We’ve been taking weekly trips to the library to check out books, with the majority of subject matter involving…you guessed it, MIGHTY MACHINES!  Many are about bulldozers, some are about backhoes and excavators, and we’ve even found a few on cranes, dump trucks, and subway trains.  The current favorites are the trio of books we have about fire trucks and fire fighters. 

Library days are always very exciting, and on those days Canaan usually konks out for nap on the floor reading.  We’ve also noticed that the mornings AFTER library day tend to start earlier than other days.  Instead of the usual 7:10 clockwork wake up time, C will crawl into our bed as early as 6:30, carrying books by the handful and announcing that it’s daytime outside (it is not…).  Thankfully he’s not insistent that we actually READ the books at that time, he just snuggles in next to me and stares at the cover of the book until there’s enough light in the room to really see.