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Sittin’ Pretty and LOL!

by Canaan - September 12th, 2010.
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You never know what sleeping position Canaan will end up in!

Well, between all of the traveling and all the birthday partying, its been over a month since we’ve had a quiet week at home with no weekend events to get ready for!  But even though we’ve been pretty low key here at the house, Canaan’s little body has been in overdrive, learning all sorts of new things!  For starters, he’s been rolling EVERYWHERE – across the room, into walls and furniture, and of course all over the crib.  Its been quite funny to see the positions he ends up in by the time he wakes up!  (And a lot of times we’re pretty sure that the position was the main factor in the wake-up…)

Sitting with all of his "friends" like a big boy! (Note the pillow "crash pad" back behind him)

In addition to practicing his side to side moves, Canaan has also been working really hard on sitting up!  In a matter of days he went from unsteadily leaning on his hands for support to sitting up tall with no hands (because the hands have to be used to explore everything around him!)  We still can’t leave him totally on his own to sit though – Canaan is still a little bit unpredictable and will every now and then arch backwards in reaching for a toy, or if he’s laughing (forget belly laughs – Canaan engages in full-body laughter!).  Make sure you click on the YouTube video at the bottom of the post to check out Canaan during a particularly funny playtime with Daddy…

Mommy's view everytime she looks down while jogging.

In other news, Canaan has become much more aware of where Mommy and Daddy go when they aren’t in plain sight.  Mommy was jogging one day this week with the Bean in the Bob stroller, and after a while, realized that Canaan kept craning his neck to look up and get a glimpse of Mommy while she was running.  We turned it into a waving peek-a-boo game that evolved into Mommy tapping on the plastic window whenever Canaan looked up (which was about every 30 seconds…)  Canaan was having so much fun giggling about it, and at one point, as we ran by, a lady sitting out in front of her house told us that she could “hear that baby laughing from all the way around corner!?

Canaan using his sense of taste to explore his toy bin...

Its been a slow week, so that’s pretty much all the news we have to report here at Canaan’s house.  This week Daddy will be packing for a weekend “Guy’s Trip” with his brothers and dad up to West Virginia for some outdoor fun.  And since the big boys will all be gone, Mommy and Canaan are going to spend a relaxing weekend in the mountains with BeBe, Aunt Megan, and Cousin Eli!  Stay tuned for a full report on what is sure to be a fun-filled weekend!


4 Responses to Sittin’ Pretty and LOL!

  1. Canaan is having so much fun! He makes me laugh watching him laugh.

  2. the best sound in the WORLD!

  3. I’m not sure what he’s enjoying more….the spinning beads, or the sound of his own laughter. I especially like the jumping for jumping’s sake!

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