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(Not so) Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Southern Sandstone

by Canaan - October 13th, 2010.
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Down the hatch!!!

Canaan has been a very busy boy the past couple of weeks – way too busy for blogging! Since his last post, Canaan has experienced many new and exciting things! After a week of joining Mommy and Daddy at the dinner table with his bananas, Canaan got to try a new food – sweet potatoes!

But not quite as tasty as the 'nanas...

Although they didn’t seem quite as tasty as the bananas, Canaan still enjoyed feeding himself and managed to get several bites down. After going down for a nap an hour later however, he woke up writhing around in the crib with bad tummy pains. :(

Canaan posing in his new buff that Grammy gave him!

Finally, after a spell of inconsolable screaming, Canaan spewed up the majority of the sweet potatoes, and was back to his happy self. Canaan said he might want to wait another couple of weeks before trying sweet potatoes again though…We took a break from solids for a week or so since we were out of town (more on that later…) and just a couple of days ago got back into it with….drumroll please….AVOCADOS!!!

Figuring out how things work...

...sure is a lot of fun!

Canaan still says that he likes bananas the best, but the avocados seemed much tastier than the sweet potatoes, and without the horrible after effects! Canaan’s favorite way to eat the avocados is sucking on frozen ones out of his mesh feeder – it feels good on his gums, which are any second going to explode with what appears to be TWO teeth!

Mommy and Canaan enjoying time together at the Hound Ears Comp (photo by Eric Heistand)

In addition to new foods to try, Canaan has also been able to explore two new climbing areas! The first was in Boone at the annual Hound Ears Bouldering Competition on October 2nd. We drove up the night before, and Canaan got through his frostiest night yet (lows in the 30′s!) in the tent without so much as a peep until just before our alarm went off. You can read about Canaan’s adventures at the comp here, and can catch a slideshow of the event (picture number 60 might be of particular interest…) from professional photographer Eric Heistand.

"Oh boy we're climbing at the Obed!"

After a few days at home, Daddy, Mommy, and Canaan took a somewhat impromptu climbing trip to the Obed River in Tennessee to burn some of Daddy’s vacation days before the end of the year. We met up with a couple of friends, and enjoyed 4 nights of camping and 4 days of climbing on spectacular sandstone in equally spectacular weather conditions. You can read about our trip here.

Pulling up to standing is the start of a world of mischief...

Canaan has also learned to crawl…sort of.  He is getting really good at getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, and every now and then he will accidentally catapult himself forwards.  He also does a mean 360 Pivot and somewhat of an Army Crawl – which involves pulling himself forwards with both arms, but with his legs aimlessly kicking behind him.

If he cant see us maybe we cant see him?

But during the midst of all of his travels and new adventures, one thing has remained a constant – and that is Canaan’s love for his box! Since his last post, Canaan has been exploring all the many fun uses his box has. It is good to put things in as well as take them back out.  Canaan very much likes studying how it works by flipping the top back and forth. The box is also good for hiding under it and playing “tent!”

...then again, maybe we can.

Daddy, Mommy, and Canaan are all three looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.  We need to work on our Halloween costumes, as well as do some child-proofing around the house.  We’ll probably round the weekend out with a visit to Triangle Rock Club, and of course Canaan will get to try a new food – any suggestions?  :)


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  1. what a great post! Good job!

  2. Canaan’s cousin really likes corn and squash, so perhaps something yellow would be good! I hear that Canaan’s mommy loves green beans, so maybe that could be the next one!

  3. A very busy boy. I love the overalls. And obviously boxes make the best toys.

  4. I like how he peeks out from under the box!

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