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Canaan’s First Turkey Day!

by Canaan - November 29th, 2010.
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Canaan with Grammy and Paw Paw

You could also call Canaan’s first Turkey Day a “tour de grandparents.”  Daddy had to be in Charlotte for work on Monday and Tuesday, so Mommy and Canaan hung out at Grammy and Paw Paw’s house for the first part of the week, where Canaan’s poor gums popped out two new teeth in two days – this makes for a grand total of three – two on the bottom, and one on the top.

Canaan showing Mommy an empty mouth - the oatmeal was a hit!

The first thing Canaan wanted to do with his new teeth was try a new food – so Mommy warmed up some rolled oats with a little bit of her milk and let him at it.  Canaan had fun trying to get the oatmeal lumps into his mouth, as well as looking at that handsome baby  in the reflection of the high chair tray that Mommy used when she was a little girl.

Providing some musical entertainment while Grammy fixed dinner

Canaan was very excited to have all sorts of new desks, tables, and drawers to pull up on and stand.  He worked his way around Grammy’s entire studio, reorganizing all of her boxes, patterns, and office supplies.

This is about as close as he got...

On Monday Canaan’s Great-Grandma and Pop Pop came by for a visit, and brought him a sweet and soft monkey as a prize for being such a brave boy in the hospital!

Some kitchen cupboard organizing...

Even though everyone else was taking it easy this week, Canaan was hard at work practicing his homework for music class – finding all sorts of new sounds to make with household items!  Grammy let Canaan go to town in one of her kitchen cabinets, so Canaan turned into a one-man band with all of the pots, pans, and measuring cups!

Playing with Cousin Eli

On Tuesday night Daddy came back from Charlotte and we all went over to BeBe and PaPa Joe’s house just in time for dinner.  The next morning, Canaan woke up to find that while he’d been sleeping the night before, Uncle Brent, Aunt Megan, Cousin Eli, and their dog, Mokai had showed up from Atlanta!

A few pre-Thanksgiving jitters?!?

Canaan and Eli had lots of fun playing with the wooden blocks and Legos that  both of their Daddies had enjoyed when they were little beans.  Eli really liked grabbing Canaan’s face, and Canaan really liked grabbing Mokai!

So much good food and drink - who can stop for a picture!

Unlike Grammy’s big black and white kitties, Mokai didn’t run away from him every time he came around the corner (or worse yet – hiss and growl!)  The friendship was sealed during Thanksgiving dinner when Canaan slipped Mokai some turkey and mashed potatoes!  Yep that’s right folks – Canaan can no longer call himself an herbivore!  His first forays with meat went really well – he didn’t balk at the shredded texture, and gobbled it all up like a good little turkey!

Everyone deserves a little extra on Thanksgiving...

On Friday Canaan worked off some of his Thanksgiving indulgences by showing Miss Lundon, Mommy’s old college roomie, just how good he could crawl and stand!  Then that afternoon Eli and Canaan coordinated matching outfits with each other for a holiday photo session…which did not go as well as planned.  All of Canaan’s showing off for Miss Lundon had left him with little energy to strike a pose, so he was a cranky, tired bean during the photo shoot – thankfully a long afternoon nap seemed to do the trick.

Some post-Thanksgiving fun!

It was really fun introducing Eli and Canaan to some holiday traditions, and they were both considerate to nap long enough for the adults to get in some fun family time on the Nintendo Wii.

Two sweet boys.

We packed up and headed home on Saturday morning, where we spent the weekend doing laundry and raking leaves.  Canaan’s favorite part of the weekend was eating at Sweet Tomato’s, a salad buffet restaurant where Canaan got to try a big boy salad – 2 kidney beans, a garbanzo bean, a couple bites of beets, 3 kernels of corn, along with a handful of peas and shredded carrots.

Fun with BeBe and PaPa Joe

A couple of Mini-Mozarts!


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  1. It WAS a fun holiday- thanks for coming and sharing it with us!

  2. You can call her “cousin Mokai” if you like. Whatever.

  3. I just love the expressions, especially the one in the high chair at your Mom’s!

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