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Canaan and the Spirit of Giving

by Canaan - December 21st, 2010.
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Paper Inspector says, "Let's use THIS paper Mommy!"

Canaan has been a busy boy this week, getting ready to celebrate his very first Christmas!  Canaan has very much enjoyed helping Mommy wrap presents, although oddly enough, with Canaan’s “help” the job seems to now take twice as long…  He will have the chance to see some family members that he doesn’t get to see that often, so he has been working very hard on all of his skills so that he can make a good impression.

Attention everyone! We are out of wrapping paper - let the fun begin!

First order of business was to polish up his standing skills.  He is now steady as a rock, and even has a few standing tricks up his sleeve – such as waving objects around in the air, lifting objects over his head, and even bending down and picking objects up!

Protecting Mommy from the monsters in the closet!

But the BEST trick is one that he hasn’t even realized he’s doing yet – TAKING STEPS!!!  It’s a stretch at this point to call it “walking,” but as of last Wednesday, Canaan has been nonchalantly taking 1 or 2 unassisted steps once a day or so.

(insert lightsaber sound here)

It usually happens after he’s been cruising around holding onto furniture for a while, and lets go without realizing it trying to get to the Mommy.  So far it seems completely accidental and Canaan seems totally unaware of what he’s doing – the first time it happened, Mommy cheered so much that Canaan got scared and started crying!

Who's on the phone Daddy? Is it for me?

Canaan’s second big tooth came in – so now the top outnumbers the bottom!  He is starting to realize what those sharp white things in his mouth can do, so he’s been experimenting with some biting on lots of different raw fruits in his mesh feeder.  Canaan was also introduced to wheat for the first time this past weekend.  He had a blast eating some whole-wheat bread with a homemade pear sauce and yogurt spread!

Canaan helping Daddy turn on the light after waking up from a nap!

Since we thankfully had no reactions from the wheat, we let Canaan chow down on some yummy, sticky couscous the next night, which he LOVED!  Canaan has taken his love of beans to a whole new level – with not only black beans,  but also garbanzo beans!  He can’t seem to get enough of them!  And sneaky Mommy figured out that Canaan is willing to give cheese a second chance if its melted onto his luscious legumes!

Juggling is hard to do!

With the weather being cold and wet, we’ve had to find new inside games to play together as a family – Juggling, Stack and Destroy, and most recently, rolling the ball to each other.

But it sure is fun though!

Perhaps the Christmas Spirit has gotten Canaan into a giving mood, but he has started rolling (or dropping…or handing…) the ball back to us whenever we sit down to play catch!  Click here for a video peek at our indoor fun the past couple of days…


...and DESTROY!!!

Although we’ve been having a lot of fun, all three of us are very thankful that the weather will be nice enough to go climbing tomorrow!  We will be meeting some friends in Asheboro for a bouldering friction fest before heading into Winston-Salem for the holidays!


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  1. It’s amazing how much better he’s standing and getting around even since last week! Go Canaan!

  2. Canaan keeps growing by leaps and bounds. I can’t wait to see all his new tricks in person. I’m sure all the wrapping was funtabulous!

  3. i finally got to catch up and i loved the video! what a smart boy finding the ball under the basket :) super cute.

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