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Canaan’s First Christmas is White!

by Canaan - December 28th, 2010.
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Canaan the Leaf Collector at the Asheboro Boulders

Who would have thought Canaan’s first Christmas would have been the first time Winston-Salem (and Raleigh…) had had a White Christmas since 1947!  Thankfully, all the fluffy white snow didn’t put a kink in any of our holiday plans.  Our Christmas vacation started last Wednesday morning.  We made a pit stop first in Asheboro to enjoy a day of bouldering before arriving at Grammy and Paw Paw’s house in time for dinner that night.

"Maracas! Just what I've been needin'"

The next day was a special day for Mommy and Daddy – Grammy volunteered to watch the C-Squatch so that we could go see a movie that afternoon!  It was the first time we’d been out somewhere on a date since before Canaan was born!  We saw Little Fockers, ate a giant bucket of popcorn, and had a grand time.  Canaan and Grammy had lots of fun reading books, exploring Grammy’s studio, and chasing kitties all afternoon.  Grammy must have worn him out because she said he went right down for his nap like a good boy.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Allyssa knew how passionate Canaan is about hydration!

On the morning of Christmas Eve we headed over to BeBe’s house. We hadn’t seen Uncle Dave since our family beach trip last summer, and since Canaan is such a bigger boy now, he had loads of showing off to do!  Our first order of business was opening presents.  Canaan was excited about all of his gifts and enjoyed all the boxes and wrapping paper as well, but his favorite gift seems to be the set of maracas that Uncle Brent, Aunt Megan, and Eli gave him!  Not only are they good for shaking, but also as drumsticks – oh and they taste pretty good too!

It's not Christmas without butt bows.

We all spent the afternoon playing with Daddy’s Christmas present – the Kinect system for his XBox 360.  For dinner, Uncle Dave and BeBe cooked a feast involving lobster tail and personal molten lava cakes, and Canaan was a very well-mannered little boy in his high chair the whole time!  Unfortunately he couldn’t taste the lobster yet, but he really liked the risotto with roasted pineapple and mango! 

Shakin' it up with Paw Paw

Canaan was the life of the party after dinner, with sleep being the last thing on his mind.  Mommy and Daddy thought for sure that he’d crash in the car on the 40 minute car ride back to Grammy and Paw Paw’s, but all he did was sing and laugh the whole way back.  Finally he collapsed into his crib just before 10.

Trying out the new "Peekaru" fleece vest Mommy got - it's designed to wear on top of a baby carrier so that we both stay warm!

Christmas Day was a busy day for everyone, but a joyful one!  Canaan got some short-term gifts like blocks and a new ball (or “bah?”, as Canaan likes to call it), as well as some long-term gifts – money for more music classes and a sizable start to his college fund!  After opening presents, Canaan got to participate in a Christmas tradition in Mommy’s family – special French Toast Breakfast! 

Waking up to a Winter Wonderland!

 Canaan can’t have eggs yet, but Mommy didn’t want that to stop him.  Canaan had his french toast both egg and dairy free – whole-wheat bread soaked in a breastmilk and banana mixture, fried in olive oil, and topped with butter made out of breastmilk! 

Yay for snow!

Canaan gobbled up the bite-sized pieces almost faster than Mommy could put them on his tray!  He almost ate the entire piece of bread (one small piece was leftover for the next morning…).  By the time everyone was finished eating, Canaan’s eyes were getting heavy and he was all but falling asleep in his high chair (but still trying to put french toast in his mouth!).

Canaan decided to take Mommy's old sled out for a spin

The snow started falling in the afternoon, but thankfully it didn’t keep BeBe, PaPa Joe, and Uncle Dave from joining us for Christmas dinner.  It kept falling throughout the evening, and we all woke up Sunday morning to a winter wonderland!  After breakfast we all bundled up and headed outside to enjoy the snow.  Canaan liked watching the snow fall off the trees as well as critiquing everyone else’s snow-shoveling technique.

"Enough of this flat stuff - put me on a big hill, guys!"

We got the driveway and sidewalk cleared just in time for Great Grandma and Pop Pop to show up.  After another round of gift-giving, Canaan got to participate in another Southern family tradition – Grammy’s homemade pizza on Sunday night!  Canaan handled the bite-sized pieces like a champ, and ate about half a slice of pizza all by himself!  Canaan discovered how much fun 2 liter soda bottles can be when you’re playing with Pop Pop, and he laughed and played until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.

There will be no hibernation for this little bear...

We headed back to our house Monday morning, where we spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting resettled.  Daddy is off this week, so we still have another week of “vacation” left.  Canaan already has a big bag of old toys packed and ready to send off to Goodwill later on in the week to make room for his new goodies.

"Who are we kidding, Mommy? Snow isn't for eating!!!"

  Also on our agenda  is continuing to work on our list of stuff to get the house ready to go on the market in a couple of weeks.  But all work and no play is of course no fun, so we are hoping to get back to Asheboro on Friday for one more bouldering bonanaza in 2010.


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  1. This might just have been the best Christmas EVER! Can’t wait for next year!

  2. It was a wonderful first Christmas with Canaan! and for his bebe and papa Joe too!

  3. Awwww… you had me at ‘breastmilk butter’! Seriously, you most certainly are not afraid of baby friendly, culinary adventures:) Canaan is a lucky baby!
    Sounds like you had amazing Holidays with your families! I love to read about all your traditions! We’ve also enjoyed a few quiet days in this winter wonderland! We miss you guys a lot and I hate to read about the house going on the market :(
    Let’s get together soon, I enjoy reading about the CSquatch but much rather would like to see him and his mommy and daddy in person:)

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