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Leaves, Snow, and the Window Seat

by Canaan - December 9th, 2010.
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Daddy guiding a leaf tsunami through the gate

This year’s leaf season has been a little more complicated than most – although we have gained a very enthusiastic “helper”, Canaan can’t hold a rake very well and there would be a good chance of him being buried under a leaf pile!

We even found a small friend!

But since he was so eager to have a job, Mommy appointed him Official Leaf Management Overseer.  Canaan took his job very seriously and watched Daddy’s every move from his new favorite spot in his room – The Window Seat!  The Window Seat is also great for keeping track of the neighbors, bird-watching, and kitty-spotting!

Looking good, Dad!

Thankfully we were able to clear all the leaves out of both the front and back yards in two weekends – which you know is quite a feat if you’ve ever seen our backyard (and the tiny 3 foot gate that serves as the only exit for the leaves).

Keep up the good work!

Canaan woke up just as we were finishing up, and was just in time to see his first snow!  It snowed pretty much all afternoon, but the temps were too warm for any stickage on the road, but by nightfall we had a couple of inches or so on the grass!

All bundled up!

This past Sunday Canaan got to be a real big boy and go to the nursery at church!  He stayed with Mommy and Daddy for the music, and then had fun playing with a little girl and a little boy his age while Mommy and Daddy got to  hear the entire sermon together from start to finish for the first time in 8 and a half months!

Canaans first snow!

The teacher had given Mommy a pager in case there were any problems, but it never went off, and when the sermon was over and it was time for music again, Mommy came back to the nursery to find a smiley, standing Canaan.  This was the first time that Canaan had ever been left with anyone other than Grammy or BeBe, so Mommy and Daddy were both very proud of what a big boy he was!

Fun at the table!

For the past week or so Canaan has been working really hard on pushing out his big front teeth – finally on Monday one of them broke through!  And what better way to break in the new tooth than with a new food!  This week was an important one – Canaan was introduced to dairy with a few bites of cheese!

Nothing sneaky going on hear folks - move along!

The verdict – not too impressed, surprisingly enough!  We thought for sure it would be a hit, considering how much Daddy likes cheese, but Canaan paid very little attention to the cheese shreds on his tray.  Meanwhile Canaan is quickly becoming a black bean fiend!  Out of all his finger foods (which he likes much better than purees), the black beans are always gobbled up first!

Standing is hard work!

Another new thing this week has been chamomile tea, which Canaan has been enjoying as an after dinner drink for its powers as both a teething soother as well as a sleep inducer.

Canaan is still working on his landings...

Canaan has also added a solids breakfast to his day several days this week – usually fruit and maybe a few bites (smears?) of oatmeal.  We do it after Mommy’s already eaten and Daddy’s already left for work, so its a lot less hectic than dinner can sometimes be when everyone is eating at the same time.  Canaan’s breakfast times have been a good chance for Mommy and Canaan to work on our mealtime sign language – signs for “eat,” “drink,” “more,” and “finished,” as well as a few signs for specific foods.

The big boy bathtub!

There’s a new favorite game in our house!  We call it…”CHASE!”  It usually starts out with Canaan crawling out of the room, then turning back to see if we are following him when he reaches the hallway.  Then Mommy or Daddy says, “I’m gonna get you!” and Canaan takes off again – this time much faster, and with more giggles and squeals.  Then the Mommy or the Daddy crawls into another room, and Canaan turns into the “chaser.”  And so the game goes back and forth for quite some time, interspersed with some wild, cackling peek-a-boos.

Mommy chasing Canaan!

Standing practice has been going well – our new record is about 40 seconds, and Canaan routinely can make it in the 10-15 second range.  We can also tell that Canaan is learning not only some of our sign language, but also some of our words.  If you ask and sign the word “ball”, he will head straight for it!  We have been sure that he knows the sign for “milk” for quite a while now, and we think he also knows “car.”

Canaan on the hunt for Daddy!

A close second to “Chase” in game favorites these days is playing with the big white exercise ball.  There is so much fun to be had with it, we can’t even list it all!  We play peek-a-boo on it, we bounce it, we roll it, we roll ON it, we stand with it, and we babble into it!  It’s one of the highlights of Canaan’s day!  Canaan loves it so much that he wanted to end his blog with a video montage of big white exercise ball fun!  Click here if you wanna see it!


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  1. That is amazing that he knows either the spoken word or the “sign” for ball!!!!!!!!!!! but I think it’s hilarious that he said “huh” ?????

  2. What a cutie!!

  3. I love the outfit :) Is Steve copying Canaan or is Canaan copying Steve with the big white ball–it’s hilarious. Lots of fun in the Lineberry house.

  4. What a wondeful way to start my day!! I love that happy baby boy!

  5. wow. he’s amazing! love the video–super cute! :)

  6. So good to see you all!! Love the update on all new activities in the little ones life:) It’s just too funny when Canaan looks at you and says ‘huh?’ in the video:)
    Miss you all!

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