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Double-digits in Months aka Canaan’s Video Extravaganza!

by Canaan - January 24th, 2011.
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Canaan and Daddy waiting on pizza at the Mellow Mushroom post-dedication!

For Canaan’s last blog, we were all excited to have a “for sale” sign up in our yard.  Now, less than two weeks later, we are even more excited to have an “under conract” sign up instead!  It was heavenly to have a nice relaxing weekend together as a family without any of the stresses of rushing to get the house ready for any-minute showings!  Another fun part of our weekend was all the birthdays in our household!  Canaan shared his 10 month birthday on Friday with Daddy’s 384th month birthday on Sunday…we’ll let you do the math…

Oatmeal is Canaan's breakfast of choice these days...

Canaan has been in a playful mood of late.  We have all had a lot of laughs with Canaan’s new level of interaction during playtimes.  Peek-a-boo has been a longtime favorite for a while, but now Canaan has started initiating it on his own.  On his changing table he likes to use a (clean) diaper to cover up his face, until Mommy asks, “Where’s Canaan?”, at which point a giggly Canaan starts flapping the diaper wildly around his face.  Another new game Canaan likes to initiate is “Let Me Put That in Your Mouth.”  Apparently it is now hysterical to stick legos, socks, and blocks in and out of Mommy and Daddy’s mouth. 

"Look how good I can use the spoon, Mommy!"

Canaan is still nursing like a champ, and this weekend we added in a third meal – lunch.  Mommy made some homemade hummus to use as a toast spread, and it was definitely a hit (which is a good thing, because we now have enough to last until 2015…)!  Canaan’s new mission in the kitchen is to master wielding a spoon.  He has been practicing every day with his yogurt, and is making quite a bit of progress – Mommy loads up the spoon for him, Canaan takes it and puts it in his mouth correctly, then after eating the food, hands it back to Mommy.  Our system is working out amazingly well, with only minimal mess!

Mommy and Daddy finally got a chance to work on our backlog of videos this weekend, which is why this post is full of ‘em!  The first video is Daddy and Canaan playing around with the storage box that came with his Christmas blocks from his Great-Aunt Lina.  The next one is Canaan and Mommy making music -  Canaan is still really enjoying his maracas, and is also having fun playing the drums!  He can’t wait til we get to Charlotte where he can use his Christmas moneys to sign up for a weekly music program during the spring! 

The last video is a hodgepodge of Canaan’s latest moves to keep him in tip top shape for the ladies.  Canaan’s smatterings of one-step here and two-steps there have gotten more and more frequent.  At least a couple of times a day, he will take a few steps unassisted. We haven’t been able to get any real steps on video yet, but any day now he’s gonna take off running, so we’ll have plenty of opportunity then (that is if we can catch him!).


5 Responses to Double-digits in Months aka Canaan’s Video Extravaganza!

  1. I can never get enough ‘Canaan videos’ and I just ADORE the super-speed block sequence! GREAT job and congrats on selling the house so fast!

  2. No wonder Canaan’s play times are so fun with lots of laughter–he has GREAT playmates! Ditto to Kathy on the videos. I can’t tell who’s having the most fun. Steve or Canaan. Mrs. Pat and Mr. Larry would be so proud of his early musical exposure.

  3. What great video editing.

  4. the videos are precious guys. i didnt know steve could assemble legos so fast, wowzas! C is quite the musician :) just awesome.

  5. It’s so much fun to watch Canaan! You should try him on the saxophone next!

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