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House Showings and Showing-Off

by Canaan - January 17th, 2011.
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January 9th, right after the sign went in the yard!

Canaan has been a very busy boy of late, helping Mommy and Daddy get the house ready to sell, so he hasn’t had a lot of time to work on his blog.  Last weekend BeBe and PaPa Joe came up for a day of scrubbing, vaccuuming, storaging, washing, dusting, and trips to the dump-ing.  It wasn’t really on anyone’s list of preferred activities, but we greatly appreciated their help, and never would have made our January 10th deadline without them.  Canaan was a good boy and provided us with the day’s entertainment! 

Enjoying playing outside while hopefully folks are enjoying looking at our house

Thursday was our first day of showings, and we can already tell how hectic and chaotic this is going to be.  Our realtor had told us to expect 3 or 4 showings by the end of the weekend…by Friday night we’d already reached three, and had a whopping 5 on Saturday, along with a couple more on Sunday afternoon to round things out to an even 10 by the end of the weekend!  We are thrilled with the response we’ve had so far, and are all praying that God will send the right buyer for our house through our doors relatively quickly, because it sure is hard being on the ready 24/7 - especially with Canaan the Destroyer around trying to tear the house apart. 

"Please buy our house!"

We figured that since we couldn’t be at our house on Saturday at all because of the showings, we might as well have fun elsewhere, so we headed out to the Asheboro boulderfield for a day of climbing and hanging out with some cool folks.  Canaan the Cragbear was quite the hit, and met quite a few new lady friends that had fun passing him around…

A sweet boy being dedicated at Vintage 21

Sunday was a special day for our family, because it was Baby Dedication day at our church!  Grammy, Paw Paw, BeBe, and PaPa Joe came up to represent Canaan’s Fan Club in the audience.  Canaan took the pastor’s words very seriously, along with giving a few disapproving looks to the fussy baby beside him.  After the service, we headed to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate not only Canaan’s dedication, but also Daddy’s birthday (which is next week), and Paw Paw’s birthday (which was the next day).  Canaan had fun showing off the way he eats his favorite snack of late – mac n cheese puffs!  He’s all about the crunch, but doesn’t like that they don’t crunch a second time once they are all gummed up.


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  1. 5 teeth? Did I see that right? All the better to devour some pizza crust on Grammy’s Pizza!

  2. It was a very special day–bebe

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