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Happy Halloween! (aka ‘Dem Bones)

by Erica Lineberry - October 31st, 2011.
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Canaan singing "Blackbird, Blackbird" with his buddy Mr. Jeff

Initially we weren’t sure whether we were going to trick or treat this year or not, since Canaan is still a little too young to really understand what’s going on.  However, after seeing how enthusiastic Canaan was about his pumpkin, as well as how festive he was feeling at our neighborhood Halloween party the day before, we knew we had to do it, even if it was just for a little while (besides – all of the neighbors we met the night before would be expecting him, so he couldn’t let them down!)

Making sure our pumpkin is ready for the evening festivities!


Canaan’s Halloween morning started out like every other Monday morning – music class with Miss Liz and…Jeff Gordon.  Yep, that’s right, folks.  Nascar legend Jeff Gordon has a son named Leo who is in our class.  He’s pretty darn cute (Leo, that is, although Jeff’s not that bad either) and he and Canaan have lots of fun together in music, while neither of Leo’s parents are afraid to sing, dance, and make goofy faces along with the rest of us “normal” parents.

Since it was Halloween Miss Liz told everyone they could wear their Halloween costumes if they wanted to, so Canaan donned his bony-bean suit.  About 5 minutes before class was out, the alarm went off for unknown reasons and we all had to evacuate the building.  But before C could be disappointed about missing out on the good-bye song, we heard sirens!  And, sure enough, a few seconds later, two bright red fire trucks came screaming through the parking lot, which more than made up for class getting cut short.

"Candy-collecting is serious business."

While all of that was fun, it didn’t come close to what made music class special today – Daddy got to go too!!!  Due to renovations at the Skanska office taking place this week, everybody gets to work from home ALL WEEK…which meant that Daddy’s schedule was flexible enough to pop in for one of C’s favorite parts of the week!  Canaan was really excited to be able to teach Daddy the songs he’s been learning as well as show him all of his new dance moves, and made sure everyone knew which guy was his “dada.”  (by saying it loudly while pointing every few minutes…).


Fast forward to Halloween evening…C had been a bony man all day, and was ready to show off his costume to all of the neighbors (even though most of them had seen it the night before at the block party).  We loaded Canaan up in his wagon, armed with a bag for all of his goodies, some red LED light up glasses for Mommy, and an LED ghost necklace for Daddy.

Silly Mommy helping C sort his candy

Sharing some candy with Daddy

We hit 8 houses, and with each passing house Canaan got more and more animated, as he figured out the drill.  At first he seemed confused as to why we were ringing the doorbell but not going inside the houses.  It took 3 trick-or-treats before he realized that he got more candy if he put what was already in his hand in the bag.  At one point we crossed path with a group of elementary-aged girls with their mothers, and C followed along with them for 2 more houses as if he had always been part of their gang.

Sugar crash...

Canaan’s favorite part was proudly pointing out his “bones” to everyone who offered him candy.  He got many, many compliments – “What strong bones you have!” and “Those bones look very healthy,” just to name a few.  Upon arriving back at our house, Canaan was thrilled to see some trick-or-treaters come to his door.  We dumped our candy in the living room and spent the rest of the evening counting it, stacking it, sorting it, and of course sampling it, although from the looks of Canaan’s haul plus our leftovers, we’ll be sampling candy for quite a while


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  1. What an adorable bony man! And what an exciting day! :)

  2. So much fun in ONE DAY! So glad Daddy could go to music class. I really like boney man.


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