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Christmas Goodies and Good Times

by Erica - December 22nd, 2012.
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After a week of sickness, snuggles, and round the clock episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine, everyone in our household was happy to be healthy this week! Our week has been filled with rain, so what better way to pass the time than by filling our tummies with Christmas goodies. We had a long list of friends and neighbors that made our “Nice List,”and 5 dozen cookies later, our countertops were lined with a neat row of holidays goody bags! Canaan was in charge of the decorations as well as licking the beaters (Mommy got the bowl…), and he took his job very seriously. Here’s a video of Canaan hard at work. (Click here if it doesn’t show up below.)

The Head Decorator at Work from Erica on Vimeo.

Canaan’s cheerful giving heart was a joy to watch – it even inspired me to write a blog post on Cragmama about giving (click here to read that post.)

A classful of carolers!


It’s a good thing that Canaan was feeling better this week, because he got to participate in his very first Christmas Program at school.  Canaan’s teacher had informed me that he was quite the singer, singing his heart out loud and enthusiastically at every practice.  So I sat on the second row, video camera in hand, ready to document the performance for the working Daddy.  The 4 year old class paraded in one by one, dressed as different characters from the Nativity Story, and then the younger classes came out and took their places on the stage, each with their own set of jingle bells.  Canaan was on the front row, and was mesmerized by the audience, as well as the “angels” and “wise men” joining him on the stage.  I’m not sure he opened his mouth once during the 3 song set, and he only managed to jingle his bell a time or two.  But when the program was over and it was time for celebratory refreshments, Canaan was so proud of himself, you would have thought he just won American Idol.  The rest of the day all he could talk about was how he “sang loud for Mommy!”

Canaan and hsi best friend Hazel

We’re excited to be staying at home this year for the holidays, and thankfully Steve has vacation time that needs to be burned by the end of the year.  We’re looking forward to spending time together as a family of three as well as with extended family.  For those of you that we will get a chance to catch up with in person, we are looking forward to it.  For those of you we won’t see, we will be thinking of you!  Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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