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Come to Bethlehem and See…

by Erica - December 4th, 2012.
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No one could accuse Canaan of being a Scrooge, because his Christmas Spirit is most certainly contagious!  Last weekend we set up our Christmas decorations AND got a chance to do the “Walk Through Bethlehem” at Matthews United Methodist Church.  It was a wonderful way to get the season started off right, and the evening especially was a special night for all of us! 

Canaan’s favorite Christmas decorations would probably be a toss-up between our two big Nut-Crackers (or “those Crackers,” as Canaan so eloquently puts it), and his own personal Christmas tree.  (His tree is actually a relic from those far away years ago before we had kids – we’d throw up our 2 foot tall Charlie Brown tree and call it a day…my how times have changed.)  Last year we set up his tree on the countertop in his bathroom, and this year I thought it would be a swell idea to remove the little night lamp on Canaan’s dresser, and put it up there instead.  Unfortunately Canaan did not share my sentiments and adamantly protested my apparently horrible idea.  The little tree was somewhat nomadic the rest of the day, with me putting it in one place, and Canaan moving it to a new spot, and so on and so forth.  Bythe end of the weekend we had all settled on a compromise, and the little tree is now happily resting below the mantle, right beside the big tree…

The “Walk Through Bethlehem” program was FANTASTIC.  Without a doubt, I can say I think our family has just established a new tradition that will be in effect for years to come!  It really made the story of Christmas come to life for each of us, and it was delightful to see how excited C was to see in real life what was “just like my book!”  He’s really making the connection of what it’s all about this year, and it’s so much fun to watch!

The Bethlehem Marketplace

The “Walk” started out outside, and though there was a long line, it moved pretty quickly.  Plus there were Roman soldiers shouting about taxes and wise men wandering through the crowds inquiring about the Christ-child to occupy our attention.  When we entered “Bethlehem,” we were each given a handful of coins, which all went directly into Canaan’s pockets (an interesting metaphor…).  There were butchers, bakers, (and yes, candle-stick makers), as well as a real camel – all outside in a very thoughtfully designed authentic-looking setting.  But the real magic happened when we walked inside the church – and were transported to the center of Bethlehem circa 4 BC.  There were craftsmen and vendors everywhere, each “selling” something in exchange for the shekels we were given upon entrance.  Canaan bought a clay pot, a candle, a piece of fine silk, and some beads.  We went into the Temple area and played with dreidels, and peeked into a Jewish homestead.  We then proceeded into the outdoor courtyard area, where we were greeted by the sound of angels announcing the birth of Christ in song.  There was Mary, Joseph, and a (real) baby Jesus, as well as shepherds AND sheep!  Canaan fell in love with the angels and we stayed for many, many songs.  His eyes lit up brighter than a Christmas tree when he heard “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, which in a matter of 24 hours has turned into his favorite song of all time, although he has a loose interpretation of the words (join the “triangles in the sky…”) 

...Him whose birth the angels sing!

The whole thing was very well done, and I can’t imagine all the set up and volunteer power they needed to make it all happen!  But we loved every minute of it, and Canaan has not stopped talking about it yet!  I daresay that if we all had as much Christmas spirit as that little guy, the world would be a much brighter place!


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  1. More proof that we can all learn from each other, including the little ones. His exuberance is evident, thanks to your writing. Thanks for sharing.

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