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Walking in a Winter Wonderland?!?

by Erica - January 20th, 2013.
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If you are reading this from anywhere other than the Southeast, you’ll probably make fun of these pictures…but C had a blast in the first winter weather that he can remember (the only other snow he’s seen was the White Christmas of 2010, when he was only 9 months old!)  In fact, he had more fun than I could ever have imagined a kid could have in a brand new sled on something that most folks wouldn’t even consider real snow!  

Here’s a few pics from our “snow” last week.  The snow stuck around for no more than an hour or so, and then it was a soggy mess, but we definitely enjoyed it to the fullest while it was here.  (Although I’m secretly hoping we’ll get at least one more chance to take that sled out again!) 

Oh yeah, and for a more detailed write-up of our morning adventure, you can click here to read it on Cragmama.


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