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Mighty Machines!

by Erica - February 1st, 2013.
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Lately Canaan has been obsessed with “mighty machines,’ as he calls them.  It started with all of the excavators, skid loaders, backhoes, and bulldozers (yes we all know the differences between each now…) that began arriving in full force along with a construction crew at the lots down the street.  We’ve been making almost daily trips up there to see “what those workers are doing.”  Every now and then they have left for the day by the time we get up there.  That means we get to check out their progress on the inside – we go through each room, taking turns hypothesizing what the house will look like when finished.  (You might say that Canaan’s ideas are a little more progressive than my own…but then again, why WOULDN”T there be a fireplace in the master bathroom?!?)

After we finish our tour, we move to the outside, where Canaan loves to walk through (and identify) the various tracks left by the mighty machines.  We usually end our trip at the giant “sand castle” in the front yard of one of the houses, where Canaan will play with his own, much smaller versions of the mighty machines. 

Canaan has turned into a voracious reader as well (voracious listener is probably more accurate at this point).  We’ve been taking weekly trips to the library to check out books, with the majority of subject matter involving…you guessed it, MIGHTY MACHINES!  Many are about bulldozers, some are about backhoes and excavators, and we’ve even found a few on cranes, dump trucks, and subway trains.  The current favorites are the trio of books we have about fire trucks and fire fighters. 

Library days are always very exciting, and on those days Canaan usually konks out for nap on the floor reading.  We’ve also noticed that the mornings AFTER library day tend to start earlier than other days.  Instead of the usual 7:10 clockwork wake up time, C will crawl into our bed as early as 6:30, carrying books by the handful and announcing that it’s daytime outside (it is not…).  Thankfully he’s not insistent that we actually READ the books at that time, he just snuggles in next to me and stares at the cover of the book until there’s enough light in the room to really see. 



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  1. What a fun sand pile to play in!

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