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SNOW!!! (Oh and Eye Doctors, too…)

by Erica - February 26th, 2013.
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This past month has been a busy one for us, which is why I’m just getting around to posting.  Canaan had his first visit to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago.  This is earlier than the usual recommendation for kiddos, but was suggested by my doctor due to my eye history with a late diagnosed lazy eye.  At first Canaan wasn’t too wild about all the funny looking machines, but the doctor made him feel at ease and was able to do almost all of the tests done for an adult (but he wasn’t going anywhere near that puffer machine!)  He even let the doctor dilate his eyes, and we had fun trying on glasses while we waited for the drops to kick in.  The great news was that Canaan passed his eye exam with flying colors, and so far doesn’t have so much of a hint of the eye problems I have!

How things work...

You can call us "8-eyes"

In other news…SNOW!!!  We’ve been waiting all winter long to show Canaan some snow, and we finally got our chance – and literally just two days after receiving a rain/snow suit combo from Ducksday to review on Cragmama’s blog.  If you want to read more about our snowy adventure, you can click here.  Otherwise, enjoy the pics!

Sneaky boys conspiring together...

C's first snowman!


There was even snow leftover the next morning!

We also managed to snap a few videos of our big snow (after all, who knows when it will happen again!).  The first one is of Canaan and Daddy breaking in the new sled that C got from his Great-Aunt Linda and Great-Uncle David for Christmas.  You can watch it below or click here.

“Sledding” with Daddy from Erica on Vimeo.

The next one is Canaan high-steppin’ in the snow.  Watch below or click here to see it on Vimeo.

High steppin’ in the snow from Erica on Vimeo.


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