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Canaan’s Birthday Bash!

by Erica - March 22nd, 2013.
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Rather than just one day, we like to celebrate AT LEAST a week of birthday at our house, so here’s just a snapshot of the fun we’ve been having over the past week.  We started the festivities off with a party on Sunday, when family gathered at our house for lunch, presents, and of course – CAKE!  (And a couple of Lightning McQueen cupcakes…)  What a difference a year makes!  Last year Canaan didn’t have the attention span to open more than 1 present at a time (2 if it looked more enticing than the first one!)  But this year he managed to get through the entire round of gift-giving before jumping into his new Thomas the Train set with our cousin Lance.

Lightning McQueen is a favorite of late, so I decided to put my homemaking skills to the test.  After a few emergency phone calls to BeBe and a practice session with Gaga (hence the 2 cupcakes at Sunday’s party…), I was ready to tackle an entire dozen by Wednesday, so that Canaan could take batch to school on Thursday to celebrate with his friends and teachers.  They may not have been perfect, but   certainly got the job done – and according to my cousin Lance, “They smell like delicious!”  And from what I heard from Canaan’s classmates, they apparently tasted like delicious too!



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