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“The Tomb is Empty!”

by Erica - March 31st, 2013.
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Canaan and his “yucky shirt.”
The meltdown began the minute the sweater vest came out.  Thoughtful Bebe had sent a spring care package a week before.  While Canaan was thrilled at the Thomas the Train jammies, literally wearing them 24/7 ever since (save the 2 times I’ve been able to sneak them into the wash), he loudly protested even the mention of the other options.  His distaste for the other, shall we say, “preppier” options came to a head with a volcanic eruption of whining that could probably be heard all the way from I-77.

After a compromise with a collared polo shirt in a nice Duke blue and some old comfy corduroys, we were off to church, albeit less than joyfully.  Our car pulled into the parking lot with an exasperated Mommy (“A shirt with a collar is NOT to much to ask on Easter.”), a reminiscing Daddy (“I always associate Easter with crying about clothes…so this brings back some childhood memories.), and a pouting 3 year old (“This shirt is yucky, Mommy.”) 

By the end of the service, however, all was well again.  “The tomb is empty!”, Canaan exclaimed excitedly when I picked him up from Sunday School.  “He is risen indeed,” was my response.  Apparently the good news of Jesus is powerful enough to make even a 3 year old forget his “troubles.”

In other Easter-related news, Canaan has proved himself to be quite the egg-hunter.  After perfecting his egg-collecting skills at preschool last Thursday, C was primed and ready to go.  In fact, it was difficult for everyone else to keep him distracted long enough for me to hide the eggs.  The first few were scattered along the ground in typical egg hunt fashion – hiding in rock nooks and crannies, holes in logs, crooks of trees, etc.  But then we found a 10 x 10 section of rock that was littered with holes and pockets - the perfect place for a crag-kiddo to have a vertical egg-finding adventure! 

The giggling started as soon as the first egg was found hiding in a pile of sticks, but C actually squealed with delight when he rounded the corner and saw a dozen eggs peeking out of all those pockets!  I must have stuffed those eggs in those pockets at least 10 times over the course of the afternoon.  Each time he filled his basket, C insisted upon hiding the eggs from us…which in reality meant just dumping them in a pile along the trail.  Clearly he doubted our egg-finding abilities, because as soon as he announced he was ready, he would take us by the hand and literally lead us straight to the eggs (“THERE’S those eggies Mommy!”). 

This week is Canaan’s spring break, so we’ll be taking the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring by heading north to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.  We are even bringing some REAL Easter eggies to hide (and share) with the whole crew.  After all, there’s no law that says Easter fun can’t continue past Sunday, right?  Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. The meltdown picture sure brings back memories of some meltdown moments with your 2 cousins…..in fact……seems to me there was a bit of a skirmish about clothing just the other week at your house……somebody did NOT want to change into khakis before heading to the college fair! Only difference is he didn’t cry! LOL!

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